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How to Maximize the Gain in KaraStar?

Due to the mechanics of the battle system, the entire battle mode is suitable for competitive matches, which is a reflection of the creators’ understanding of the game as well as their strategies, with tens of millions of crypto-digital currencies being distributed to the creators as rewards.

1 How to Maximize the Advantages of NFT karas to earn more?

1.1 If you want to maximum advantages of the team setting to win a better prize.

First of all, you have to upgrade your karas to be stronger ones. Carefully choose Karas to devour and upgrade according to your needs.

1.2 Breeding Karas: To breed with great kara for better divine genes and more times of evolution.

Just like in the real world, Karas can produce offspring by breeding. To avoid over-expansion of Karas, each Kara has a limit on the maximum number of offspring. Karas are unable to breed no more when the limit is reached.
  • Every kara has a maximum number of evolutions which is decided at birth.
  • A genie with less than 30 evolutions does not have a divine gene.
  • Divine genes: It is impossible to evolve all the genes to the highest level of divine gene. We must decide how many genes can be full at the highest level so that you can tend to cultivate powerful genes to use powerful skills of the corresponding combat card.
  • The genes with nice appearance and shape will glow or change their shape when the divinity is full.
  • The maximum number of evolution in the game is currently 30, 45, 60 and 80 with different level cap.

1.3 Inheritance of Karas

The dominant genes are inherited with high probability depending on the physical composition of the parents, and we can know probably the skills of the karas.
  • The recessive genes are certain variables and it is not known what skills will be brought.
  • The higher figure of divine genes and evolution, the more competitiveness of the kara.

1.4 What is the Divine Gene?

  • Karas with less than 30 times evolution possess no divine genes.
  • All genes cannot evolutes into divine genes with few times of evolution.
  • The highest level of the gene determines the number of the full value of Karas. It also determine the strength and appearance of Karas.
  • When a pet with divine genes breeds with a non-divine pet, then the average will be taken to calculate the number of evolutions. Therefore, most pets can evolve when breeding with a medium level pet and a low level pet, but they are limited by the number of times they can evolve.
  • Combat Effectiveness and stunning appearance can be endowed by divine gene.
If you want your kara to have strong Combat Effectiveness or make profits by selling breeding Kara, you must participate in our NFT auction held in early December to obtain high level kara and use the high level babies to devour and upgrade.

1.5 Cultivate your Karas for trading in the Marketplace

  • Each breeding takes 5 days to mature
  • You need to get online and check your Kara egg to ensure a successful hatching.
You can choose to trade when your Kara is still an egg, yet at this time it is impossible to find out its final attributes and skill cardsYou can check out the attributes of your Kara when it reaches maturity. And then you can set a reasonable price for your Kara based on the market price.
  • For these transactions, only a small fee is required.

1.6 Mutations (Rare)

  • Karas with low LV have 5% of mutation chance to become high LV ones (Karas with highest LV have no chance of mutation).
  • After mutation, the number of evolutions and corresponding quality of Karas will be promoted.
  • Divine Point: +5, along with all the basic attributes will increase with the evolution.
Blue Quality: +2
Purple Quality: +5
Orange Quality: + 8
  • The attribute bonuses:
Enhanced Gene and Body Parts = Enhanced Genetic attribute * the numbers of genes

2 Creating Effetive Side-Tools for the Game to Gain Big!

Few days ago, one of our gamers in the US who is also a software developer had just built a ROI Culculator (karaclub.cryptominingpower.com), which aims to assist all KaraStarers to calculate their gains from the game or from the NFT Auction.
Our team deeply appriciate the dedication of his and decided to reward him with 10,000 UMY in return!
Also, we want to encourage all KaraStarers who are capable of content development / application development to create tools for us!
If you have any great ideas that could favor the whole KaraStar community, please contact us and enclose your work! We will thoroughly select the effective ones and reward the creators!
There will be more gameplays coming out in KaraStar, such as Totem Blind Box and Interstellar Marketplace, please stay tuned for more news and more fun!