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NFT Guidebook

Basic Introduction:

Owning 3 Karas allows gamers to start Play-to-Earn immediately.
Karas are divided into 3 categories and 9 different types: Superpower (light, electricity, and fire), Nature (dragon, ghost, and fairy), and Combat (rock, steel, poison). The Superpower restrains the Nature, the Nature restrains the Combat, and the Combat restrains the Superpower, implying that the superior side will cause 10% more damage or reduce 10% of the suffering damage. Kara types influence attributes as well; for example, the 4 Kara types: rock, dragon, light, and fire will improve their HP as they evolve.
Kara’s attributes vary depending on body parts and types.
Kara has 4 attributes: HP, morale, skill, and speed.
  • HP: Kara’s Health Points;
  • Morale: increase critical strike chances;
  • Skill: add additional damage;
  • Speed: determines the order of Karas’ attacks in a battle.
The main difference between KaraStar and other games is that Karas with divinity genes can evolve into divine Karas, making their card skills stronger, and when divinity value hits 100, corresponding parts change their appearances. The attributes of divine Karas will be enhanced, and their maximum HP and damage value can be increased by 18% depending on the number of divinity parts they have. Because the quality of Karas determines how many times it can evolve, high quality Karas’ attributes will be greatly improved after divinity evolution.

Start the game:

Once you’ve chosen your Kara team, you can play PVP or PVE.
The PVP arena is a turn-based card game where players must strategically play their skill cards each time. A Kara can only play a maximum of 4 skill cards per turn. To ensure a fair gaming experience, each turn includes a time limit. All you have to do to win is to defeat the opponent’s Kara team.
After the intense PVP battles, gamers can relax in PVE mode.
PVE, also known as dungeon gameplay, is full of elements, and the maze-like levels make dungeon exploration fun again. While exploring the dungeon, you may come across Treasure Boxes, Keys, and Recover spots. These can be used to replenish energy, gain experience points. To participate in the battle, enter the level by clicking on the green Kara. Because the higher the damage of your Kara’s card skills, the faster you can pass the level, PVE can prepare different Kara teams than PVP.

Karas’ qualities have varying benefits:

Karas can be teamed up in the PVE and PVP arenas to earn UMY and KARA freely trade or lease, stake for mining, devour and evolve for consumption, stake to the cross-chain smart pool to profit NFT earnings and airdrops, stake to receive platform-wide earnings, participate in various activities held by the project team, and have the right to benefit from various services and products provided by the project team.
Stay tuned for more benefits!

KaraStar NFT Introduction