KaraStar Team Story

Hello everyone, we are KaraStar. And when it comes to the word, “WE”, you may curious about what “WE” are. “WE” consist of two letters, W and E. W represents the KaraStar world, the KaraStar and E represent our ecosystem contributors.
Our family is the leaves on the tree and the investors are our trunk. Every effort our family members made will make a successful KaraStar. We are a new blockchain gaming company based in Singapore. There are 15 members of our team. We are composed of senior operators of blockchain projects, a technical elite team, game developers, and blockchain investors. We are an international and young team, with an average age of 30.
In the beta period, KaraStar, their first project reached a peak of 260K daily active users. In just two months, KaraStar has raised more than $10M from IDG, Kucoin, and a stable coin organization, built a functioning economy, with dual tokens steadily increasing in value on the market, allowing users to reach play-to-earn in the game system.
In addition, KaraStar set up a DAO immediately after the NFT sale, to further realize decentralized management and make the game truly belong to the players.