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Here are the procedure and rules of staking KARA/BUSD LP on KaraStar FARM.


The farm pool address is: https://farm.karastar.com/
Step 1: You need to build a KARA-BUSD LP token according to the real-time exchange of the Pancakeswap (it may display as Cake LP in your wallet)
Step 2: You can then stake KARA-BUSD LP tokens into the Karastar Farm.
Step 3: You will be rewarded with KARA tokens.
FARM Instruction (Please follow the steps below)
Step1: Go to the KaraStar official website find the “Farm” and click the “Farm”
Step2: After clicking, there is a prompt page. You need to trust KARA and BUSD into the KaraStar platform’s trading pool according to the real-time exchange of the Pancake to build KARA-BUSD LP pair (it may display as Cake LP pair in your wallet)
Step3: Connect Wallet! Choose your wallet and bind your wallet account.
Step4: Click “add liquidity” (If you do not have KARA please skip to step5). You can “Enable” the amount of KARA you want to “Enable”. Remember to confirm supply.
Note: If you failed to confirm in the wallet, you can add a few gas fees and try again.
If you want to take it back, you can click “Remove”.
Step5: Click “Buy KARA” (If you have KARA, please skip to step6). The interface will jump to the PancakeSwap website and you can buy KARA on this website. After you bought KARA, you should skip to step4. You should have KARA before you add liquidity.
Attention: When you select a token on this website, you may not find KARA. Therefore, you should paste this “0x1e155e26085Be757780B45a5420D9f16a938f76b” to find KARA.
Step6: You will see the amount of KARA you added into the LP wallet.
Step7: Click “Stake LP”. You can stake the amount of KARA-BUSD LP you want to stake. Remember to confirm supply. If you want to take it back, you can click “Unstake”.
Step8: See the “$KARA Earned”. Here it will show how much you can earn.
Step9: Click “Harvest”. It will return the $KARA tokens you deserve to your wallet account.